Nieuws volgens datum: 2 Sep, 2020

Trump visits Kenosha to back police after shooting


US President Donald Trump has visited Kenosha, Wisconsin, to back law enforcement after the police shooting of a black man sparked civil strife. The Republican president blamed “domestic terror” for the “destruction” in the Midwestern city. Kenosha saw days of violence after police shot Jacob Blake in the back and left him paralysed on 23 August.

Mr Trump has been lagging behind Joe Biden in opinion polls, although some polls have tightened in recent weeks.

The president is pushing a campaign message of “law and order” – however, Mr Biden has accused Mr Trump of stoking racial division. “Fires are burning and we have a president who fans the flames rather than fighting the flames,” the former US vice-president said ahead of Mr Trump’s trip on Tuesday. A police officer shot Jacob Blake seven times in the back during an arrest as the 29-year-old tried to get into a car where his three children were seated.(BBC)…[+]