Nieuws volgens datum: 1 Feb, 2021

Young men accuse Lincoln Project co-founder of harassment

anti trump

The prominent anti-Trump Lincoln Project has disavowed its co-founder John Weaver after several men accused him of sending them overtly sexual and unsolicited messages. At least one man was underage when Mr Weaver allegedly first made contact. In a statement, the Republican group labelled the 61-year-old “a predator, a liar and an abuser”. Without admitting specifics, Mr Weaver apologised for the pain he caused by “living a deeply closeted life”.

Mr Weaver worked on four Republican presidential campaigns before creating the Lincoln Project with other “never Trump” Republicans. He is often considered to be one of the late Senator John McCain’s closest aides. He is married to a woman – his second wife – and the couple has two kids. After the online magazine The American Conservative reported allegations last month, he admitted his actions to US media outlet Axios. “The truth is that I’m gay. And that I have a wife and two kids who I love. My inability to reconcile those two truths has led to this agonising place,” Mr Weaver told the publication.(BBC)…[+]

George Clooney helps Eddie Izzard complete 31-day marathon challenge

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Comedian Eddie Izzard has completed her 31-day virtual marathon run by raising over £200k for charity. Speaking from her treadmill after Sunday’s double marathon, she said she felt “very honoured” by the support. The livestreamed runs, held across different virtual cities, are part of her Make Humanity Great Again goodwill initiative. Actor George Clooney helped Izzard cross the finish line in London and urged people to stay Covid-safe. “Remember, we’re almost through this everybody, hang tight!” he said. “Wear a mask, stay distanced, we’re almost there.”

The Hollywood star joined a host of celebrities including Russell Brand, Michael Palin, Dame Judi Dench and Ewan McGregor, who supported Izzard through video calls during her daily runs. The comic’s day 24 run through a virtual Brussels, in conversation with Radio X DJ Chris Moyles, ended in dramatic fashion when gatecrashers attempted to enter the studio – threatening the Covid-secure bubble. “Please, please you have to go, I am sorry. Do not… it is Covid-safe, please stay out,” said Izzard.(BBC)…[+]