Afghanistan: Kunduz mosque attacked during Friday prayers

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A bomb attack on a Sunni mosque in the city of Kunduz in Afghanistan has killed at least 36 people and injured more than 40, officials say. The attack on the Mawlawi Sekandar Mosque is the second in as many days in the northern city. It follows four attacks across Afghanistan on Thursday – all claimed by the Islamic State group (IS). The Taliban say they have defeated IS but the group remains a key security challenge to Afghanistan’s new rulers. No-one has admitted carrying out Friday’s attack in Kunduz, which came as worshippers gathered to pray. The explosion was similar to Thursday’s bomb which tore through a Shia Muslim mosque in Mazar-i-Sharif, killing at least 31 people and wounding 87.Admitting Thursday’s attacks, IS said it was part of an ongoing global campaign to “avenge” the deaths of its former leader and spokesman.(BBC)…[+]