Argentina: Brexit could end Europe’s support for UK control of Falklands


Argentina believes Brexit might cost Britain the support of European allies for its control of the Falkland Islands and is watching developments closely, the Argentinian foreign minister said in Brussels.

Visiting the EU capital for trade talks on Thursday, Susana Malcorra stressed it was too soon to say whether Britain quitting the bloc might soften EU backing for London against an 18th-century claim to the South Atlantic islands that Buenos Aires has maintained despite losing a brief war there in 1982. “The European Union, through its agreements, is connected very closely and strongly to the United Kingdom,” Malcorra told reporters when asked if Brexit could have an impact on the Falklands dispute, on which the 16-month-old administration of President Mauricio Macri has taken a more conciliatory approach. “It could be that things change there. But I think it is still quite early. Brexit is just starting and there are many issues. We are following it carefully.(the guardian)…[+]