Australia floods: Teenager bitten by crocodile as army sent to help remote areas

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A teenager has been bitten by a crocodile in a remote community hit by floods in Australia’s Northern Territory (NT). Authorities said the 17-year-old boy sustained a “minor laceration to his leg” and was treated at a local clinic. Local government minister Chansey Paech told ABC News people should remain “croc wise”, with crocodiles displaced from flooded rivers after heavy rain. The Australian Defence Force is in the region helping to evacuate people. Mr Paech said some 700 people, including 35 with medical needs, had been flown out of Kalkarindji, about 770km (478 miles) south of Darwin, after the Victoria River burst its banks. “Defence Australia has given us three big planes – two C130s and one C27 – and they’re working to fly evacuees to Katherine,” he tweeted, referring to a town in the NT. A spokeswoman for Mr Paech said major floods brought added risks from crocodiles. “When the river bursts its banks, they’re everywhere”, she told the BBC.(BBC)…[+]