Babies killed as gunmen storm maternity ward


Two babies and 11 mothers and nurses have been killed in an attack on a hospital in the Afghan capital. Another 15 people, including a number of children, were injured when several gunmen attacked the Kabul hospital on Tuesday morning, officials said.

Part of the hospital is run by the international medical charity, Medicins Sans Frontieres (MSF), and some of those working there are foreigners. Meanwhile, in the east, an attack at a police funeral has killed at least 24. Dozens more were injured in that bomb blast and casualty numbers in both attacks could rise. It is not clear who carried out either attack. In Kabul, locals heard two blasts, then gunfire. One doctor who fled during the assault, which began at about 10:00 local time (05:30 GMT), told the BBC about 140 people were in the hospital when the gunmen began their attack. Afghan special forces have rescued 100 women and children, including three foreigners, an official told the BBC.(BBC)…[+]