Backlash against ‘sore loser’ Mitt Romney after he votes to convict Trump


Utah Republican Senator Mitt Romney is facing a backlash from Republicans angered by his decision to vote against Donald Trump in his impeachment trial.

The failed 2012 presidential candidate made history on Wednesday as the first US senator to vote to remove a president from their own party. Republican figures, including Mr Trump himself, have slammed him as a “sore loser” and a secret Democrat. Mr Trump was acquitted in the Senate, despite Mr Romney’s lone dissent vote.

Influential figures in conservative media called on Mr Romney to step down from the Republican Party, with one claiming that she would move to Utah to run to unseat him in 2024. And on Thursday morning, President Trump took a swipe at him when addressing the National Prayer Breakfast, criticising people who use their faith to justify “wrong” actions. Holding up a newspaper headline with “Acquitted” emblazoned across the front page, the president also decried “corrupt” Democrats as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sat four seats from the podium.(BBC)…[+]