Call centre appealing US$4.2 million award to Fly Jamaica

call centre

ADS Global Limited, the company that operated Fly Jamaica’s call centre five years ago, is appealing the US$4.2 million awarded to the airline in December for breach of contract. The judgment was handed down in the Commercial Division of the Supreme Court in December.  Attorney-at-law Kent Gammon, who represents ADS Global, believes the evidence presented by Fly Jamaica was inconsistent and insufficient. “How can you say we must then pay US$4.2 million when the airline wasn’t even in operation for eight months?” he questioned.  “How they can even come up with that figure is beyond me.” Fly Jamaica was founded in 2011 and used ADS’ call centre from 2012 to 2014.

Gammon said the assessment of damages was completely unlinked to any real losses that the airline could prove. Fly Jamaica initially brought the suit against ADS Global, claiming that the call centre acted unlawfully by closing its operation without giving proper notice to the airline.  The call centre was closed because Fly Jamaica had failed to pay its required fees.(Jamaica Gleaner)…[+]