Canadian businesses have a message ahead of the election: We need foreign workers


OTTAWA– Canadian unemployment is at an all-time low and businesses have a message for politicians ahead of October’s national election: We need foreign workers so do not make the campaign about keeping them out. Concern about immigration is on the rise in Canada, according to a recent survey, especially among Conservative voters whose party leads Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberals in polls ahead of October elections.

Unlike the United States where immigration is viewed by some as a threat, Canadian businesses broadly support Trudeau’s promise to boost the number of foreign workers allowed into the country every year to about 1% of the population.

“We don’t want immigration to be used as a political weapon here as it has been in the United States,” said Goldy Hyder, head of the Business Council of Canada, whose members employ 1.7 million people. “We agree with the federal government’s targets and we need to meet those targets … The facts clearly demonstrate that Canada is going to need immigrants to help grow the economy.”(Reuters)…[+]