Corbyn compares PM’s Brexit strategy to Northern rail chaos


Jeremy Corbyn has compared the government’s Brexit strategy to the chaos on Northern trains as he again used prime minister’s questions to pressure Theresa May on what the Labour leader said was ministerial deadlock on the issue.

In a tightly focused approach, the Labour leader asked May a series of specific policy questions about Brexit, which she pointedly refused to answer, bringing jeers from the opposition benches. In response, May repeatedly sought to bring the subject back to Labour’s own divisions on Brexit, prompting Corbyn to remark at one point: “The last time I looked at the order paper it said prime minister’s question time.” Corbyn began by noting that last month the Brexit secretary, David Davis, had promised a “detailed, ambitious and precise” white paper on the government’s Brexit negotiating position, asking whether it would be published before next week’s crucial votes on the EU withdrawal bill.(theguardian)…[+]