‘Father of tiramisu’ Ado Campeol dies aged 93


Restaurateur Ado Campeol, dubbed “the father of Tiramisu” by Italian media, has died aged 93. Campeol was the owner of Le Beccherie, a restaurant in Treviso in northern Italy where the famous dessert was invented by his wife and a chef.The dish, featuring coffee-soaked biscuits and mascarpone, was added to their menu in 1972 but never patented by the family. It has since become a staple of Italian cuisine, adapted by chefs worldwide. There have been long-running disputes about the origin of tiramisu, including claims that it was served as an aphrodisiac at a brothel in the north Italian city of Trevisio. However it is widely accepted the recipe was developed in Campeol’s restaurant in the city.(BBC)…[+]