Former Israeli PMs Netanyahu and Olmert face off in court in libel case


Two former Israeli prime ministers have faced off in court in Tel Aviv, as Benjamin Netanyahu and his family began a defamation suit against Ehud Olmert.r Netanyahu, his wife Sara, and their eldest son Yair are suing Mr Olmert for $269,000 (£198,000) in damages for saying that they were mentally ill. Mr Olmert made the claim in two Israeli TV interviews last April. He is arguing that it was not libellous because it was true, and also that he was clearly expressing an opinion. Netanyahu: A shrewd leader who reshaped Israel. The suit filed by the Netanyahus accuses Mr Olmert of “obsessive efforts to harm their good name in public, out of jealousy and deep frustration”. It is based on two interviews he gave in the wake of Israel’s last general election, when Mr Netanyahu was attempting to remain in power while standing trial on corruption charges.(BBC)…[+]