German IS woman jailed for Yazidi girl’s death in Iraq


A German Muslim convert who joined the Islamic State group in Iraq has been jailed for 10 years in Munich over the killing of a Yazidi girl she and her husband had bought as a slave. Jennifer Wenisch was judged to have been an accomplice to a war crime, having stood by when her husband left the five-year-old to die of thirst, chained outside in the blazing sun. Wenisch’s husband, an Iraqi jihadist, is on trial in Frankfurt. The girl died in Fallujah in 2015. Wenisch, 30, denied the charge. Her lawyers said the child’s mother Nora was an unreliable witness, and they alleged there was no evidence the girl had actually died. Nora and the girl had been enslaved by IS, along with many other Yazidi. The verdict on the husband, Taha al-Jumailly, is expected next month. It is one of the first cases of an IS crime against the Yazidi community going to trial. The Yazidi, a Kurdish group from northern Iraq, were a particular target of IS brutality. (BBC)…[+]