Hacking suspect Lauri Love wins appeal against extradition to US


Lauri Love, the British student accused of hacking into US government websites, will not be extradited to face trial in America, the high court has ruled. Lawyers for the 32-year-old, who lives in Suffolk, had argued that he should be tried for his alleged crimes in the UK and that he would be at risk of killing himself if sent to the US. The court accepted both of the main arguments advanced by Love’s lawyers that there was no reason he could not be tried in England and that he might suffer serious damage to his health if he were extradited.There was an outburst of cheering and applause in court when the lord chief justice, Lord Burnett of Maldon, announced his decision. Burnett asked suppor

Announcing his decision preventing extradition, Burnett said: “We emphasise however that it would not be oppressive to prosecute Mr Love in England for the offences alleged against him. “Far from it. Much of Mr Love’s argument was based on the contention that this is indeed where he should be prosecuted. ters to be quiet, saying: “This is a court, not a theatre.”(theguardian)…[+]