Hundreds injured as platform falls into sea at festival in Vigo


More than 300 people have been injured, nine of them seriously, after a wooden platform collapsed during a music festival in Vigo in north-west Spain. The incident happened close to midnight as the Mallorcan rapper Rels B was about to begin his performance at O Marisquiño festival. Most of the injuries were fractures and head wounds as festivalgoers fell several feet to the ground. Some fell into the sea.

Alicia Ulloa, 19, who was at the festival, told the website El Confidencial: “Suddenly everyone disappeared and everyone was trampling on everyone else as they tried to escape. “I was with a group of friends when the people beside us fell, as though something had dragged them down. It’s a miracle it wasn’t worse because the concert had just begun and lots of my friends hadn’t arrived yet.”

Marcos Rodríguez told the radio station SER: “People fell in the water, on rocks, on top of each [other], people bleeding. It was horrible. People were screaming and running.” Rescue efforts continued throughout the night. Divers searched for people in the water and thermal imaging cameras were brought in to look for anyone trapped in the rubble. By Monday morning, everyone was accounted for.(theguardian)…[+]