Indiana woman turns cancelled wedding into a party for the homeless


An Indiana woman who didn’t want her canceled $30,000 wedding to go to waste threw a party for the homeless instead. On Saturday, at the swanky event center that Sarah Cummins had booked for the reception in Carmel, a suburb just north of Indianapolis, about a dozen veterans from a local organization were among guests who dined on bourbon-glazed meatballs, roasted garlic bruschetta and wedding cake.

Cummins told the Indianapolis Star that she and her fiance called off the wedding a week ago. She declined to give a reason, but said they were left with a nonrefundable contract for the Ritz Charles and a plated dinner for 170 guests. Cummins said she decided that rather than throw away the food she would bring some purpose to the event, so she contacted homeless shelters in the area. She cheerfully greeted and welcomed her guests when they arrived to attend the Saturday party.(theguardian)…[+]