Jamaica: Another Windrush victim dies with no apology or compensation


Another prominent victim of the Windrush scandal has died without receiving compensation or a personal apology from the UK government. According to London-based newspaper, the Guardian, a former Middlesex bowler Richard Stewart had been waiting for his case to be resolved so he could travel back to Jamaica for the first time in half a century and visit his mother’s grave, but he died a week ago, aged 74.

His son, Wesley Stewart, said the cause of death was unknown, adding that his father had become stressed and depressed during the protracted process of attempting to sort out his paperwork and prove the government’s errors had caused him severe problems for years. He later described his father as “a pioneer of cricket for the Windrush generation, and a gentleman”. Stewart said his father had never wanted to see Britain as a racist country, but his views had changed as a result of his treatment by the Home Office. “It was blatant discrimination. The government made him feel like: you’re black, you shouldn’t be here, full stop,” he said.(Jamaica Observer)…[+]