Jamaica: Two men in getaway car killed in crash after shooting another man dead


In what the police suspect to have been an illicit deal gone sour, three men of St James addresses died in St Ann on Saturday night, while one is in police custody and a firearm recovered. One man was shot dead in the car park of a popular St Ann restaurant in Drax Hall, while two of the suspects died when their getaway car crashed into a truck in Llandovery, a few miles away.

A third occupant of the car was treated at the St Ann’s Bay Regional Hospital and released into police custody. A 9mm pistol with five rounds was taken from the crashed car. The man who was shot and killed has been identified as Ricardo Brown, 28.

One of the two who died in the crash has been identified as Ajohn McLeod, 26, of Cornwall Court, Montego Bay, St James, while the other is yet to be identified. The driver of the car, Richard Gilbourne, 30, also of Cornwall Court, remains in police custody.(Stabroek news)…[+]