Jamaica: Woman wants back money paid for failed American family trip


A woman, who reportedly collected £4,000 and $140,000 from a woman to make reservation for her and her family to travel from London, England to New York in the United States but failed to do so, is scheduled to return to court on May 6, to pay over half of the amount to the complainant. Charged with fraudulent conversion is Nicola Semester.

The court heard that sometime in 2015, Semester presented herself as a travel agent with World Ventures and collected monies from the complainant to make the reservation for her and her family to travel from London to New York but did not make the reservation and failed to return the complainant’s money to date. The court heard that the money was sent to Semester through Western Union and by way of wire transfer through the bank and that the complainants had the proof.

“I am sorry, she paid £4,000 to travel from London to New York?” Senior Parish Judge Vaughn Smith asked on Thursday after the allegations were outlined in court.

“Sometimes some persons have money to spend,” the prosecutor answered.(Jamaica Observer)…[+]