Japan: American tourist arrested after female body parts found across Osaka


Police have found dismembered body parts believed to belong to a Japanese woman who disappeared after meeting up with an American tourist via a dating application. The gruesome discovery of a torso, arms and legs occurred a day after police found a human head in a suitcase at a lodging facility in Osaka, a major port city about 400km (250 miles) south-west of Tokyo.

The suspect has been named in Japanese media as Yevgeniy Vasilievich Bayraktar, 26, of New York. He was arrested last week on suspicion of illegally confining the woman to another short-term rental property in Osaka’s Higashinari ward. The woman, 27, went missing after telling a friend on 15 February that she was travelling from the inland city of Sanda to meet a male acquaintance, local media reported. The pair had been in contact through a dating app that matches Japanese people with foreigners, according to Kyodo News, which cited anonymous investigative sources.Those same sources said the two were seen on security camera footage entering the condominium early on 16 February, but later vision appeared to show the man repeatedly going in and out of the property carrying a large bag. Traces of blood were found at the property, where a large amount of air freshener had also been used, Kyodo reported.(theguardian)…[+]