Nancy Pelosi seen without mask inside San Francisco hair salon


The most powerful elected US Democrat, Nancy Pelosi, has visited a hair salon in San Francisco, breaking rules that only allow service outdoors, in order to control the spread of coronavirus. Ms Pelosi was also seen with a face mask around her neck rather than over her mouth. She has criticised President Donald Trump for not wearing a mask.

A spokesman said she did not realise she was breaking her home city’s rules. Mr Trump said she was being “decimated” after lecturing everyone else. Thousands of California businesses have shut as part of measures to fight coronavirus. The footage obtained by Fox News showed the House of Representatives speaker inside the premises of eSalon on Monday. A stylist, who was wearing a mask, was shown following her. Mrs Pelosi – who always wears masks in public – often admonishes Republicans to “listen to the science” on the pandemic.(BBC)…[+]