‘No one deserves to die over a video game’: survivors recall chaos of Florida shooting

no one deserves to die

Survivors of a shooting at a video gamers’ competition in Florida in which three people died have told of chaotic scenes as those caught up in the violence trampled over others in panic as they tried to escape. The dead included the gunman, David Katz, 24, a player on the gaming circuit who is believed to have been angry because he lost Sunday’s tournament. Eleven people were also wounded in the gunfire.

One witness who was present during the Madden NFL 19 video game tournament in Jacksonville said she saw Katz as he fired while walking backwards. “We did see him, two hands on the gun, walking back, just popping rounds,” said Taylor Poindexter, 26, who had been ordering pizza at the bar when she heard the first shot at about 1.30pm.

“I was scared for my life and my boyfriend’s,” she told reporters, standing on crutches after spraining her ankle trying to escape.(theguardian)…[+]