Police to deal severely with fighting students in Trinidad


Students who think they can get away “unscathed” when their fights move out of the school compound and into public spaces may need to think again. Education Minister Anthony Garcia says the Ministry is collaborating with the Ministry of National Security and the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service to come up with a “strategic” initiative that will treat with students who fight in public “in the same way that persons out of uniform would be treated”.

He said as security and vigilance in schools has been ramped up, instances of disobedience have migrated outside of the school. “…they will be addressed and dealt with accordingly,” Garcia warned in a statement on Monday. “It must be noted that while the Ministry of Education is responsible for a student while in uniform and will maintain the responsibilities associated, students who engage in and inflict physical harm on to another person can and will face the accompanying penalties that come with such actions,” he noted.(Trinidad Express)…[+]