Rival French rappers whose punch-up shut Orly airport released on bail


Two French rap stars who have been in jail on remand for three weeks after they sparked a mass brawl at Paris’s Orly airport have been freed on bail ahead of their trial next month. The punch-up at the start of August in the airport terminal between two of France’s most successful rappers, Booba and Kaaris, saw passengers scurry for safety. Other passengers took videos on their mobile phones as the stars and their minders lashed out at each other and crashed through cosmetics stands in a duty-free shop.

The airport terminal was temporarily shut due to the brawl and some flights were delayed. Airport authorities and the duty-free shop said thousands of euros in damage had been caused. The two rappers, who once worked together but became sworn enemies in one of French rap’s longest-running feuds, were on their way to Barcelona and said they had not known they were to be on the same flight.

They were arrested and jailed on remand along with eight others from their entourages.(theguardian)…[+]