Shaheen: Tropical cyclone batters Oman and Iran, killing 13


At least 13 people have been killed after tropical cyclone Shaheen battered parts of Oman and Iran. There was widespread flooding along Oman’s northern coast as the storm made landfall on Sunday, bringing heavy rain and winds of up to 150km/h (93 mph). Omani authorities reported the deaths of seven people in North al-Batinah province on Monday. Four others drowned or were killed in landslides on Sunday. In Iran, state media said the bodies of two fishermen had been found. Three other fishermen remain missing off the coast of the south-eastern province of Sistan-Baluchestan, near the border with Pakistan. Iran’s deputy parliamentary speaker initially said that six people were killed. Infrastructure, including electrical facilities and roads, was also damaged. Parts of the United Arab Emirates were placed on standby as the storm moved south-westwards over land on Monday and weakened. Residents of al-Ain were told to avoid leaving home except for emergencies.(BBC)…[+]