Starbucks illegally fired US workers over union, judge rules

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Starbucks illegally fired six workers in New York state in a pushback against unions, a US National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) judge has ruled. The judge says the firm committed “egregious and widespread” violations of federal labour law at its stores in cities of Buffalo and Rochester. The coffee chain has been ordered to rehire the ex-workers and compensate others who were affected. In response, Starbucks said its actions were lawful and in line with policies. “We believe the decision and the remedies ordered are inappropriate given the record in this matter and are considering all options to obtain further legal review,” Starbucks told the BBC. In a more than 200 page decision, Michael A Rosas, who is a federal administrative law judge, also ordered Starbucks to rehire another worker that he ruled had been illegally forced out of their job. Mr Rosas said Starbucks had showed “a general disregard for the employees’ fundamental rights” in response to union campaigns. The judge added that the company interrogated and threatened workers and restricted discussion of pay.(BBC)…[+]