Trinidad: Inspector’s son charged with raping, robbing, beating two women

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The son of a retired police inspector has become the fourth person to be arrested and charged with the kidnapping, rape and robbery of two women days before the new year. Anniece Ravello, 28 of San Fernando appeared before magistrate Alicia Chankar claiming that his life had been threatened by his co-accused after he assisted the police in the matter.

Ravello faced the same charges as Jerod Boysie aka Raymond Abdul, 20, Joshua Williams, 31 and Rueben Thomas, 20. It was alleged that he together with others on December 29 2018 at M2 Ring Road, Debe and armed with a firearm, used personal violence as they robbed one woman of her $1,800 cellular phone and another of $40, a cell phone valued $1,500, a pair of $300 gold earrings. It was also alleged that at that location he and others had sexual intercourse with the women without their consent and committed grievous sexual assault on them. Ravello was also charged that on that day he, together with others, took and carried away the women against her will from south Trinidad.(Trinidad Express)…[+]