Trinidad man gets 11 months for fatal accident


A tragic love story. This were the words used to describe the relationship between Anthony and Violet Nelson. Violet Nelson married her teenaged crush, Anthony Nelson. They had a child who died and three years later they had another baby. This child was eight months old when her father died in a vehicular accident on a Carnival Monday ten years ago.

The man who caused the accident, Jason Samaroo, was last month found guilty of causing Nelson’s death by dangerous driving. Jason Samaroo was the driver of the vehicle which struck head-on the car in which Nelson was a passenger. Samaroo, 41 of Morne Diablo was yesterday sentenced to a jail term before Justice Lisa Ramsumair-Hinds at the San Fernando High Court.

The judge said, “I am acutely aware that there’s no sentence that can adequately address the deprivation and devastation to the loved ones. No amount of compensation, no term of imprisonment, no stern sentiment can assuage the trauma associated with Mr Nelson’s death.”(Trinidad Express)…[+]