Trinidad: Nalini Ramai sues over release of racist rant against Prime Minister Rowley


Nalini Ramai, the woman who made comments about Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley after her Zee TV channel was interrupted by political broadcasts, is threatening to sue Amplia Communications. She has called for a reasonable monetary settlement no less than $300,000 and also for a written apology to be given to her on Facebook within two weeks.

Ramai, who is proposing legal action for breach of confidentiality, defamation of character and/or slander, said she has been suffering from emotional trauma as a result of phone calls or threatening Facebook posts. The pre-action protocol letter from attorney Jeevan Rampersad stated that a recording from Amplia was last month posted on social media. “The said Facebook post also contained my client’s private home address and/or telephone number,” Rampersad said. He added that pictures and personal information were taken from Ramai’s private Facebook account and posted on social media.

He further stated, “The said Facebook post was left online for almost one week for millions of Facebook or other online users to access the same, notwithstanding that my client made an official apology to Amplia for the said racial comment against the Honourable Prime Minister.”(Trinidad Express)…[+]