Tunisia rocked by second night of protests over price rises


Widespread violence flares in Tunis and several other cities during protests against government’s austerity measures. One person has died, 50 policemen have been injured and more than 200 people have been arrested in two nights of widespread and violent protests in Tunisia, driven by anger over steep price rises resulting from austerity measures.

On Tuesday night a Jewish school on a Tunisian island that is home to an ancient Jewish community was attacked. Police and army forces were deployed in several cities during the night, including in Tebourba, 20 miles (30km) west of the capital, Tunis, where hundreds of young people took to the streets after the funeral of a 45-year-old man who died in the unrest on Monday night. Police have insisted they did not kill the man, who they say suffered a chronic respiratory condition. The results of an autopsy have not been made public.(theguardian)…[+]