Venezuela government talking with ‘democratic’ opposition in Norway


GENEVA/CARACAS – Talks are underway in Norway between Venezuela’s government and “democratic” opponents, an envoy said yesterday, in a possible search for a mediated solution after the opposition’s failure to spark a military uprising against President Nicolas Maduro.

“Yes, there are talks between the Bolivarian government and the democratic sectors of the opposition,” Venezuela’s ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva, Jorge Valero, told reporters, denouncing U.S. interference.

Calling Maduro a dictator, U.S. President Donald Trump has tightened sanctions against his government and spearheaded international recognition of opposition leader Juan Guaido, who in January invoked the constitution to assume the interim presidency. A senior U.S. administration official, who asked not to be named, said the only topic for discussion in talks should be Maduro’s departure and a transition to a new democratically elected government. “Maduro’s illegitimate regime is hoping to stall for time to reestablish its hold on the country, exactly as it did during the 2017 Santo Domingo dialogue,” the official said, referring to earlier failed talks.(Reuters)…[+]