Nieuws volgens datum: 2 May, 2021

Rome Colosseum: Italy unveils plan for new floor with gladiator’s view


The Italian government has approved a plan to furnish Rome’s ancient Colosseum with a new floor, giving visitors the chance to stand where gladiators once fought. Culture Minister Dario Franceschini announced the project to build the wooden, retractable floor on Sunday. Italian engineering firm Milan Ingegneria won the 18.5m euro (£16.1; $22.2m) contract to design the floor. The floor is expected to be finished by 2023.

At present, the 2,000-year-old monument has no floor. It was removed by archaeologists in the 19th Century, exposing the underground network of tunnels where gladiators and animals were held before the Roman blood sports began. Mr Franceschini said the “extraordinary” new floor would allow visitors to “see the majesty of the Colosseum” from its centre.(BBC)…[+]

Colombia withdraws controversial tax reform bill after mass protests


Colombia’s President Iván Duque has withdrawn a controversial tax reform bill following four days of huge protests across the country. In a televised statement, he said his government  would work to produce new proposals and seek consensus with other parties and organisations. He had previously insisted tax rises were needed to respond to the economic crisis generated by the pandemic. But tens of thousands of people took to the streets in anger at the bill. Unions, who organised the protests, said it would disproportionately impact on the poorest people who were already struggling with the economic impact of Covid-19. President Duque, in his statement, acknowledged “it is a moment for the protection of the most vulnerable, an invitation to build and not to hate and destroy”.(BBC)…[+]