Berlin climate protesters condemned after death of cyclist

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The death of a cyclist in Berlin has prompted leaders of Germany’s Green party to accuse climate change protesters of endangering the lives of others. The woman was run over and trapped under a concrete mixer lorry on Monday. The fire service says a specialist rescue vehicle was delayed by traffic because of a climate protest held by a group called “Last Generation”. News of the 44-year-old woman’s death emerged on Friday. There was a robust response from Robert Habeck, vice-chancellor and a senior figure in the Greens, who are part of the governing coalition government. “Anyone who risks the health and life of others loses all legitimacy and also harms the climate movement itself,” he said. “Some protests by some groups are now doing just that.” Deputy government spokesman Wolfgang Büchner did not blame the protesters for the woman’s death, but stressed their actions should not break the law.(BBC)…[+]