Dramatic rescue saves Thai baby who fell down well


A baby girl has been rescued by authorities after she fell down a deep well in northern Thailand. The 19-month-old child fell down the 13m (42ft) deep shaft while playing on Monday afternoon in Tak province, near the Myanmar border. Authorities launched an overnight rescue operation after the girl’s parents – who had been working in a nearby field – raised the alarm. She was taken to hospital and treated for minor injuries, officials said. “She has signs of fatigue but still has good vital signs,” local police chief Ratsaran Ketsoising told AFP.

Panic was sparked after the baby girl – who is said to be the daughter of two Myanmarese migrants – fell through a 30cm (12in) wide gap at the top of the well. The baby’s parents said they had taken her to work with them at a tapioca farm in the Khiri Rat sub-district. They said they had left her under a tree while they worked. But they raised the alarm after they were unable to find the child during their break and heard cries coming from the nearby well.(BBC)…[+]