‘Guatemalan attorney general involved in corruption’ – US


The US has barred Guatemala’s Attorney General Consuelo Porras from entering the country, accusing her of being involved in corruption. The US state department said Ms Porras had “repeatedly obstructed and undermined anti-corruption investigations in Guatemala”. Ms Porras has denied any wrongdoing and said that fighting corruption has been her priority. On Monday, she was sworn in for a second four-year term in office. As he re-appointed her, Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei described Ms Porras as “a professional who meets all the constitutional requirements” to serve another term. He also said that the independence and autonomy of the attorney general’s office would be strengthened so that it “will not be used ever again by [Guatemalan] nationals or foreigners to impose an ideological or political agenda”.(BBC)…[+]