Men caught smuggling KFC into lockdown-hit Auckland

men caught

NZ police have made a bizarre arrest after a pair of alleged gang associates were caught trying to enter Auckland with a boot full of KFC chicken and tens of thousands of dollars. The men were charged with breaching the country’s tough Covid-19 rules. Under Auckland’s strict Level 4 lockdown, all restaurants, including take-away services, remain closed. Police said the men, aged 23 and 30, had travelled from Hamilton, about 75 miles south of Auckland. A police spokesperson told the BBC that officers made the arrest after they noticed a suspicious looking vehicle travelling on a gravel road on the outskirts of the city. “Upon seeing the police car, the vehicle did a u-turn and sped off trying to evade police,” they said. “The vehicle was searched and police located the cash, alongside empty ounce bags and a large amount of takeaways.”(BBC)…[+]