Peru: ‘Conditions deteriorating’ on detained tourist boat


Around 70 tourists on a river boat in Peru have been detained by an indigenous group as part of a protest against a recent oil spill. The UK Foreign Office says a “very small number” of British nationals – believed to be three – are on the boat. Peruvian, Swiss, American, Spanish and French nationals are also believed to be on board. One British passenger, Charlotte Wiltshire, said the group was starting to run out of food and water. “Conditions are starting to deteriorate,” she said in a message sent to the BBC. She has asked for an “intervention to get us out of here”, saying there were pregnant, diabetic, elderly and sick people on the boat. The tourists are not thought to have been harmed. They have been held since Thursday morning. Activists from the Cuninico community released a statement earlier in the week saying that from midnight on 1 November, no boats or vessels would be able to pass. “We demand that the government talks to the Cuninico community or face consequences – the ultimate responsibility lies with the President of the Republic [Pedro del Castillo]”, the statement read. Speaking to a local TV station, Prime Minister Anibal Torres appeared to blame the Cuninico community itself for cutting the pipeline.(BBC)…[+]