Shark attack survivor wins right to keep tooth left in surfboard


An Australian man who was almost killed in an attack by a great white shark has won the right to keep a tooth the animal left wedged in his surfboard. Surfer Chris Blowes lost his leg and was in a coma for 10 days after he was attacked in South Australia in 2015. The shark’s tooth was embedded in his board, but state rules ban people from possessing parts of protected species. Now the state has granted him an exemption, and Mr Blowes says he’s keeping the tooth as a “souvenir”. Mr Blowes, now 32, was surfing at Fishery Bay in April 2015 when a 5.5m-long (18ft) great white shark struck him from behind. “It shook me about and played with me for a bit,” he told the BBC. “And it ended up pulling my leg off”.(BBC)…[+]