BOG workers on strike: Vaccinations and inspections on hold


The workers at the Public Health Bureau (BOG) recently went on strike over the unsafe situation at the workplace. Because of the strike all of the vaccinations and inspections of local restaurants and retail stores have been put on hold. The medical screening of children have also been put on hold.

Union Chairman David Bakker pointed out that the decision to go on strike was made on Monday. Only the workers who are tasked with supplying the vaccines are still at their stations. Bakker explained that the BOG has been burglarized regularly these past couple of weeks. He explained that the cars that are parked on the premises of the BOG are being targeted by thieves. The car windows of visitors and employees are regularly smashed by criminals who steal stuff out of the vehicles. Several days ago the car window of an inspector was smashed by thieves. Last Friday three men who were acting suspiciously kept hanging around the BOG building and the cash register. The men stayed at the BOG for more than 2 hours before they finally got into a car and left. The police were notified of this visit but the BOG workers made it clear that they no longer feel safe.

The union chairman pointed out that he has already asked the Health minister to provide better security at the BOG. Sadly the current security team is not up to the task of protecting the cars of the people at the BOG. The union chairman made it clear that each employer is obligated to provide a safe environment at the workplace. Bakker also wants to discuss the uniform and food allowance of the workers with the minister…[+]