“I am hungry”


A robber on Tuesday robbed a man in the Dr Sophie Redmondstraat. The victim told the police that the robber had told him that he needed some money to buy a sandwich because he was hungry. “I am hungry,” said the robber. The victim took pity on the man and pulled out his smartphone to give him some money. He explained that he had hidden SRD 3,000 in the cover of his smartphone. The robber suddenly snatched the victim’s smartphone and money before fleeing the scene on foot. The victim who remained unharmed claimed that the robber who was dtressed in a red t-shirt and blue pants ran in the direction of the Johan Adolf Pengelstraat. “The robber was neither armed nor masked,” said the victim who notified the police of the street robbery. The investigation is ongoing. The perpetrator is still at large. …[+]