Operation Zero Tolerance on the brink of collapse


Police officers are reportedly starting to get ready to complain about the many extra shifts that they have had to work these past couple of weeks although no additional tools and accommodations were provided to them. “They talk about the so-called success that was achieved during Operation Zero Tolerance but they forget that the police officers have to work under poor circumstances. The men are exhausted and are starting to complain that it is too heavy for them to work overtime all the time. It is just a matter of time before everything falls apart like a house of cards,” several dissatisfied policeman told Times of Suriname. The policemen are discontent over the fact that the Ministry of Justice and Police did not release additional funds so that tools that are required could be bought.”There is a huge shortage of manpower. The policemen who are available are deployed to the maximum but we can’t keep this up much longer,” said the police officers who made it clear that more officers are needed to carry out special police operations and routine police operations. The police officers have already complained about this issue to the police union so they expect the union to take action. They also pointed ted out that they do not hope that Operation Zero Tolerance is just a show boat to the government for a couple of weeks and that it will be stopped after a few weeks because as soon as the operation is concluded, the criminals will strike. “It is unfortunate that the head of the ministry fails to realize this,” said the police officers…[+]