Panama’s president-elect unveils most cabinet picks


PANAMA CITY – Panama’s president-elect Jose Raul Mulino presented most of his cabinet picks, saying they offered a “combination of experience, youth and competence that the country needs to meet the great challenges that lie ahead.”
Mulino said at a press conference that he selected Frank Abrego, former director of the national border service called Senafront, to head the Public Security Ministry, and Julio Molto, who was director of the National Police, to serve as Minister of Commerce and Industries.
Mulino also announced the heads of several other ministries but added he has yet to designate the ministers of the Interior, Justice and Education.
“I chose each of these people for their capability and commitment to Panama. There is no other rule above that and that is how I intend to lead the government, in the broadest and most transparent way possible,” said Mulino.
Mulino will take office on July 1 after winning the May 5 elections as the candidate of an alliance made up of the Realizing Goals party and Alianza movement. (Xinhua)…[+]