Robber targeted woman who was breastfeeding baby


PARAMARIBO – Tayrell T on Thursday was found guilty of robbing a woman in a bus. He and his accomplice got on the bus and his accomplice snatched the gold necklace of a woman who was breastfeeding her baby. The woman told the police that her necklace is worth SRD 60,000. A witness told the court that both suspects were involved in the robbery. Judge Maytrie Kuldip Singh sentenced Tayrell T to 16 months in prison. Tayrell T told the court that his accomplice, Maikel, was the one who had snatched the gold necklace and that his accomplice is still at large. Maikel managed to get away but Tayrell T was cut off by a car after he had fled the scene. A witness told the court that he saw Tayrell T taking off the jacket that he wore during the robbery. Tayrell T threw his jacket on the street but shortly after he had done that he was arrested at the corner of the AL Waaldijkstraat and the Hoogestraat…[+]