VVEPS: “Justice officials failed to take action in arson case”

The officials and members of the VVEPS, the umbrella organization of all of the nation’s full gospel and Pentecostal churches, recently expressed its shock over the fact that fire was set to one of its churches located at Papatam in the Marowijne District. It is believed that the suspect is the same person who had previously threatened the churchgoers and who had also threatened to burn down the church. The person who made the threats claimed that the church was obstructing his spiritual activities. The VVEPS strongly condemned the aggressive and barbaric act of violence. “We strongly believe that there is no place for such an act of hostility in a civilised community. Such an act of intolerance must not be possible in a country where the constitution clearly states that everybody is entitled to freedom of religion and freedom of speech.” The VVEPS is puzzled by the fact t that the justice officials failed to take action after they were informed of this crime. It made it clear that the failure to take action only makes people feel less safe. The VVEPS assumed that “this chapter from our history had already been closed.” “We urge the justice officials to take action against the perpetrator or perpetrators in accordance with their constitutional obligations. We also urge the people to show tolerance towards each other. Let’s leave the path of division and instead work together to bring prosperity in Suriname.”..[+]