Guyanese miner set on fire by Venezuelan

Guyanese miner set on fire

GUYANA – A Guyanese miner was set on fire at Wenamu Backdam, Cuyuni River, Region Seven by a Venezuelan after he was told that the man had slept with his wife. The victim has been identified as Valon Evans called ‘Doug’, a 32-year-old miner from the Essequibo Coast.

Police said that he was set ablaze around 04:00hrs while sleeping in the Venezuelan man’s camp. The suspect is known only as “Manuel” and police are looking for him. It is believed however, that he might have already crossed the border into neighbouring Venezuela.

Reports are that the victim left his camp around 20:00hrs and went to the landing where he had a few drinks to celebrate his birthday. Instead of returning to his own camp he went to the suspect’s mining camp and fell asleep there.

The suspect returned around 04:00hrs and found him there sleeping. His presence there angered the suspect and he accused the miner of having an affair with his common-in-law-wife who was reportedly there at the time.

The suspect then threw a flammable substance at the Evans and set him alight before running away. Evans managed to extinguish the flames quickly and made his way to Wenamu Health Post to seek medical attention. He is currently being treated there for burns to his body. According to police his condition is stable at this time. Investigations are ongoing. (Kaieteur News)

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