House fire claims 1 life


A 12-year-old girl died when her house went up in flames on Wednesday. It is not clear what caused the fire. Fire Department Spokesman Olton Pinas told Times of Suriname that 8 people lived in the house but that only the girl and her 51-year-old mother were home when the fire broke out. The woman was busy raking the front yard while her daughter was inside the house. After a while the neighbours started yelling and told the woman that her house was on fire. The woman wanted to run inside the burning house but the neighbours held her back. She managed to try to enter the house but suffered serious burns and had to be put in an ambulance and taken to the Emergency Room. When the firefighters arrived, the wooden house was already ablaze. The firefighters later found the charred body of the 12-year-old girl on a burnt mattress.…[+]