Man arrested over possession of 1,790 XTC pills


The police on Wednesday arrested Dinesh R in the Leysweg over possession of 1,790 XTC pills. The suspect told the police that he imported the XTC pills from the Netherlands with the help of a man who goes by the name Mot. He befriended Mot on Facebook about 6 weeks ago and they decided to do business. Dinesh R had to pay an advance of € 11,000 for the XTC pills to an unknown man. He claimed that he was unaware of the fact that it is forbidden by law to have XTC pills in one’s possession. Dinesh R also claimed that he strongly believed that the XTC bills give people a sex boost. The police received information which suggested that the suspect had a large quantity of XTC pills in his possession. The XTC pills were in 7 plastic bags that were found in the suspect’s car. The suspect is currently in jail awaiting trial…[+]