Men found guilty of aggravated assault


Two men who had assaulted and robbed  a senior citizen were recently found guilty and sentenced to prison. Romario S who had knocked out several teeth of the old woman before snatching her necklace was sentenced to seven years in prison. His accomplice, Wendel B, who rode the getaway moped was sentenced to five years in prison. The woman who had visited a local Cambio to sell the foreign currency that she had received from her son who lives abroad stepped into a bus to return home when she was robbed on the bus. She offered resistance when Romario S tried to snatch her necklace. Wendel B then kicked the woman.

A witness who recognized both suspects told the court that he started wrestling with Romario S but that the suspect managed to get away. Romario S only managed to get away with  a part of the necklace. The witness recovered the other part and gave it back to the old woman. The district attorney applauded the actions of the witness. After Romario S was arrested, he told the police the name of his accomplice…[+]