NDP promises to evict VHP and ABOP


PARAMARIBO – The National Democratic Party (NDP), the nation’s biggest opposition party, recently promised to utilize all democratic tools at its disposal to evict the VHP and the ABOP from the center of power. It claimed that things were much better when it ran the country before 2020. The NDP is strongly convinced that it will win the general elections of May 2025 and that it will do a better job than the current administration of President Chandrikapersad Santokhi and Vice President Ronnie Brunswijk.


Acting Chairman Ramon Abrahams and chairman elect Jennifer Geerlings-Simons acknowledged that mistakes were made by the Bouterse administration but pointed out that “now is not the time to be pointing fingers.” Geerlings-Simons who is a former chairwoman of parliament made it clear that “Suriname should have made a lot more progress by now.” She, Abrahams and other top officials of the NDP claimed that the administration of President Chandrikapersad Santokhi failed to make improvements.

Abrahams pointed out that the NDP has no other choice than to return to the center of power to secure the future of the nation. The NDP will soon hold elections to choose a new chairperson and a  new board of directors. Desi Bouterse who was the party’s chairman for many years will not run for office as he is currently a fugitive. The upcoming board elections signal a new phase in the history of the purple party. Although the NDP suffered huge losses during the elections of May 2020, it sees itself as the only party that can get the country to move forward. …[+]