People are reported missing almost every day


PARAMARIBO – The number of missing persons grows almost every day. In the past 10 days at least 6 people were reported missing. Adults are not the only ones who go missing as even children vanish without a trace. Relatives not only report these people missing but they also ask for help on social media in the hope of finding their loved ones so that they can be reunited again. Reports indicate that people go missing in the districts Paramaribo, Wanica and Brokopondo. In some cases the missing persons return home unharmed. Recently two brothers were reported missing by one of their sisters. 12-year-old Dimelly  Giovanni Pina and 11-year-old Romencio Romario Pina left for school around 7 a.m. last Wednesday morning but not return home from school. The police are urging people to help find these underage boys. Nawien Ishwardath Ramsukul, a former policeman, on Wednesday left his house in his Toyota Rav with license plate number PJ 83-96 but did not return home. His wife tried everything to reach him but when she did not get a response she notified the police. People with information about these missing persons can call De Nieuwe Grond Police Department at 580677 or the police hotline at 115…[+]